Micronized Plaster is the primary product of gypsum with high purity of hemi-hydrate calcium sulfate (CaSO4 ½ H2O).  This product is ultra-fine with a size < 200 Mesh, using very powerful grinding machinery. Micronized Plaster is used for whitewash in building constructions, tooling and molding


Properties and analysis:


Ø  More whiteness and reception than samples in the market

Ø  Less permeability to humidity

Ø  Saving in gypsum consumption

Ø  Easy perform and perfect work

Ø  High stability and hardness


Physical Analysis of Saten Plaster

Technical Specifications

Initial Setting Time

7 min

Final Setting Time

15 min



9 N/mm2

Packaging Weight

30 Kg

Shelf Life

6 months