Siva Gypsum:

Category: Polymer Plaster


This product is kind of light weighting product group. Siva is a hand applied gypsum plaster which is used for the first layer of plastering for various kinds of construction materials such as clay, cement block, brick, light cement block, Styrofoam and etc. the main features of this product are its high speed performance and its thermal insulation.

By using perlite and polymer based compounds in this product , it has advantages of long setting time, lightweight, and more sound and heat proof resistance in comparison to ordinary gypsums.(for obtaining a smooth finish, saten gypsum should be used as the finishing layer).

Preparation of Mortar:

Fill a clean (dust, oil and small particles should be removed from surface of the work) container with 6-6.5 liter water for each 10 kg bag of the product. Slowly pure the gypsum in the water, to cover its surface. Wait for 2-3 minutes for floating gypsum to sink by soaking .Mix water and gypsum at a low speed by a mechanical mixer until a proper mixture is obtained.

Physical Analysis of Siva Plaster (Manual Plaster)

Technical Specifications

Water/Plaster Ratio

6-6.5Kg plaster to 10 kg Water

Initial Setting Time

150-120 min

Final Setting Time

160 min


7-9 kg/m2

Compressive Strength

8 N/mm2

Dry Density

650-750 Kg/m3

Packaging Weight

30 Kg

Shelf Life

6 months