Ziari Holding AT A Glance

Ziari Holding is a Family Company including Simin Gypsum Semnan Co., Pardisun Gypsum Co., and Sahar Gypsum Company (private equity) with unique, rich and high quality of gypsum mines, was registered in Iran (Momen Abad of Semnan). Our Subset companies are manufacturers of various types of plasters using novel technology and average production capacity of 6000 Ton/per day. Our family company has 30 years of experience in gypsum industry.

Ziari Holding is mining, wholesale supplying and exporting its own various types of mining products (Gypsum Powder, Transparent Crystal Gypsum Row (>%98 purity) and Gypsum Micronized Powder in any Mesh size (<200 Mesh). We produce various types of Building, Medical, Micronized plaster and mixed plaster including: Saten, Siva and spraying plaster.

Also, we have mines of Celestine, Zeolite, fluorine, crystal gypsum (Alabaster) and Ironstone in Momen Abad of Semnan.